Have you ever swam in a Mud Volcano?

Have you ever swam in a Mud Volcano?
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You haven’t? Did you know that right here in Trinidad you can swim in a mud volcano. I knew we had mud volcanos but I did not know that it was possible to take a dip! I got an unexpected message last week from StayTnT that I won a competition to take my two girls on the Rell Mudness be Tour!! They had no idea that we are associated with My Trini Chile. I was soooo excited to get to go on a free all day tour. Let us just say my girls were not AS excited but they agreed to humor their mother.


We met outside Hyatt Hotel in a maxi with other winners and headed to Debe, Penal for doubles. On the way we had a lovely tour guide called Vanessa. She really gave some interesting stories and tidbits once she got into the swing of things. We stopped in the heart of Debe and people bought what ever they felt. I have to admit I sampled two different booths. D’ Blue Shed was definitely the doubles winner for my daughter!

Hopped on the bus to head to the L’eau Michel volcano. The bus took us as close as to a Teak Forest where we then had to walk about 30-40 mins to get to the mud volcano. We quickly went in. People were nervous but once they were in it, it felt amazing! You cannot sink as the bubbles in the volcano keeps you afloat. Getting out does take a little work but trust me the experience it not to be missed.


Next we tried to get mud off hands and feet so we could hike to the beach about 50 minutes away. This hike downhill to the beach was more challenging than the hike to the volcano. You know what that means… It means a 50 minute hike UP the hill to get back. Anyway the beach, L’eau Michel beach was completely empty and gorgeous when we got there. A great place to wash off the mud that kept us cool on the walk there! I wish we could have spent a longer time at the beach but we were already running late. The walk back was difficult but seeing the parrots flying over head almost made it worth it 🙂  Ok Ok it was worth it.


Quite a few groups were involved in the organization and there are some logistical kinks to be worked out like the lunch timing and bathroom breaks. Overall would I do it again? Definitely! My girls ended up having a ball even though they were exhausted by the end of it. They feel like they experienced something unique and I whole heartedly agree with them!


Organizers and sponsors

Ministry of Tourism Trinidad and Tobago (Stay TnT)

Roam TT

Island Experience TnT

Island Kidz



Awesome to swim in a mud volcano

Gorgeous beach

Enthusiastic leaders and knowledgeable tour guides



Some kinks to be worked out in the timing of events during the day

Some more guidance when you reach Debe for food and the Volcano


I hope you get to experience L’eau Michel Volcano and Beach in Penal, Trinidad at least once in your life, preferably with your own Trini Chile!


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