Initial Analysis of SEA Top 200 – 2017

Initial Analysis of SEA Top 200 – 2017
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The Ministry of Education released the SEA Top 200 for 2017.  We have attached the list as well as some initial analysis done on the list by Location and by Management Board.

Congratulations to the children on a wonderful achievement! We would also like to say congrats to the parents, guardians and schools. Special mention, we noted that there were two private candidates who made it into the top 200 this year! Private candidates are persons who were home schooled as opposed to Private School, those are people who attended Private paying school.


Now let’s take a look at the results summarized by Management Board. The Management Board represents the group who governs each school. Most Government assisted schools are run Boards appointed by the religious bodies that originally established the schools.


 The detailed list as released by the Ministry Of Education is shown in the images below.

Like last year it is really top 202 students since some students have tied scores.

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